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Licensed Nonprofit Experts.  IRS Approval Guaranteed.   Years of Experience.  Unparalleled Support.   Free Continuing Education.  Better Business Bureau A + Rated.

Streamline Service

Qualifying organizations can receive tax-exemption in as little as 60 days.  Our rapid, Streamline Service includes a nonprofit corporation, tax identification number, IRS application and much more.

Signature Service

Signature Packages are for complex organizations & agendas that do not qualify for Streamline Service.   Our most comprehensive package includes a nonprofit corporation, tax identification number, bylaws, long-form application, custom program descriptions and financial projections, responding to IRS inquiries and third party, IRS representation.

Fast Turnaround

We’re not a big, slow moving corporation. With our Streamline Service, your application can be submitted in 48 hours, or less !

Licensed Representation

IRS licensed Enrolled Agent and California/Nevada Licensed CPA on staff. Only licensed Enrolled Agents, CPAs or Attorneys can represent you before the IRS.

Continued Support

We don’t just file a bunch of papers and leave you hanging! We’re here to make sure you succeed with your charitable mission, every step of the journey.

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Which Service is Right for Me?

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Streamline Service

IRS Form 1023EZ

My gross receipts will not exceed $50,000 in any of the next 3 years.
Ok, you have met the first qualifier!  Keep going.
My organization's assets are less than $250,000.
So far, so good.  Keep going.
My mailing address and corporation* are based in the United States.
Looking good, my friend…keep going.  (If you don’t have a corporation, you’ll need the Streamline Plus package.)
My organization is not a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
To qualify for Streamline, you’ll need a nonprofit corporation.   LLC’s don’t qualify for Streamline.
Was your organization previously revoked?
If your organization is new, you are good to go…If your organization was automatically revoked for failing to file 990 returns for 3 consecutive years, you still may qualify for Streamline.  If revoked for any other reason, you do not qualify for Streamline.  (Our IRS licensed professionals can work with you to reinstate your organization, call us for details.
Do you plan on starting a CHURCH?
For tax and nonprofit application purposes, the IRS makes a distinction between a CHURCH and a MINISTRY.    Generally, a CHURCH has a formal code of doctrine, a recognized creed and form of worship, a distinct religious history, an established place of worship and regular congregations and religious services.  Of course, the above description could also describe a MINISTRY.  If you intend to apply for CHURCH status, you’ll need the Signature Package.   Applying as a MINISTRY (and meeting the previous requirements), you’ll qualify for the Streamline Service.   If you’re not sure, call us…we’ll walk you through the process.
Applications for schools, colleges and universities do not qualify for Streamline.  Schools are generally defined as having formal instruction, regularly scheduled classes, qualified teachers, enrolled student body and a place where educational activities are conducted.   If this describes your organization, you’ll need the Signature Package.  If you’re not sure if you meet the IRS definition of a school, give us a call.
Are you a HOSPITAL or conducting MEDICAL RESEARCH?
If “YES”, your organization does not qualify for Streamline.  No worries, we have you covered with the Signature Package.
Will your organization provide training related to consumer credit or financial literacy?
Ooops, if your organization offers services or training in financial subjects like providing foreclosure assistance, debt management, credit counseling or investment advice it will not qualify for Streamline.  However, you can use the Signature Package.  (These are some of the most difficult agendas to get approved.  Our IRS licensed, nonprofit tax experts know the code and can handle just about anything.  Of course, your organization must demonstrate charitable intent and cannot be a for-profit business.)

Signature Package

Long Form 1023

My organization does not qualify for Streamline.
So far, so good… you’re in the right place.
My organization is not applying for 501(c)(3).
Organizations not applying for 501(c)(3) must use a Signature Package.  These organizations include Social Welfare Organizations, Recreational Clubs, Fraternal Organizations, Homeowners’ Associations, Business Leagues, Chambers of Commerce & Trade Associations.
The organization's assets exceed $250,000.
Organizations with assets exceeding $250,000 will require Form 1023, which is included in the Signature Package.
My organization's address is outside the U.S.
If your organization’s primary mailing address is outside the U.S., the Signature Package is required.
We are using a Limited Liability Company or Foreign (non-U.S.) corporation.
Nontraditional entities applying for exempt status (LLC’s, Trusts, Foreign Corporations) do not qualify for Streamline and must use Form 1023 (Signature Package).   These types of entities will experience extensive scrutiny from the IRS team assigned to review the application.
Our organization's exemption was revoked and we want to get reinstated.
If your organization was revoked and you are seeking retroactive reinstatement (back to the original date of approval), in most cases your organization will be required to file Form 1023 or Form 1024 (Signature Package) and the delinquent, prior year tax returns.  Our licensed tax professionals will contact the IRS on your behalf to determine the steps to reinstatement.  Call us for details.
Your organization is a SCHOOL, CHURCH or HOSPITAL.
As discussed under the Streamline Service; organizations applying as a School, Church or Hospital in most cases must file Form 1023 and utilize our Signature Package.   Give us a call for more information.
Your organization intends to be a Private Foundation.
The rules regarding private foundations and private operating foundations are complicated.   These types of organizations require Form 1023 (Signature Package) and do not qualify for Streamline.
We will be operating in an area subject to OFAC sanctions.
Applying to operate in a country designated under OFAC sanctions requires a Signature Package and additional disclosures.  OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) is under the Department of the Treasury and administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on U.S. foreign policy and national security, anti-terrorism goals.   Nonprofits planning to operate in countries subject to OFAC or in connection with individuals residing in OFAC countries are very closely reviewed and monitored.   For more information, give us a call.

Got Questions ?

We Have Answers !

How long does it take for 501(c)(3) approval?
It depends on the type of service (Streamline or Signature), your agenda, where you are conducting your charitable work, the NTEE code (Streamline Service), budget, financial projections and narratives (Signature Package) and several other factors.   Most Streamline applications are processed and approved within 30 days.   More complex agendas (Churches, for example), applications for status other than 501(c)(3) and organizations with plans to operate in areas subject to OFAC may take significantly longer.  Call us for a more accurate estimate of time.
What is an NTEE Code?
NTEE code refers to the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities.  In simple language, it is a 3 digit code used to generally summarize an organization’s purpose.  NTEE codes are used only in the Streamline Service to describe your organization’s mission.  Longer, narratives and explanations are provided in the Signature Package to describe and organization’s purpose, activities and mission.  NTEE codes will allow the IRS to easily scan and identify organizations by agenda and allow the IRS to select organizations for compliance examinations.  Selecting the correct NTEE code is critical to a successful application.
How does the IRS assign an effective approval date?
Generally, if your organization is incorporated, the IRS will retroactively recognize the date of incorporation as the effective date of approval.  In other words, the organization’s activities are tax-exempt and donations received are retroactively tax deductible.  For organizations that were formed over 27 months prior to applying, generally the date of the application is considered the effective date of approval.
Is there a fee to apply for tax-exempt status?

Yes.  The fee is either $275 (Streamline Service) or $600 (Signature Package).   Organizations with modest financial projections that cannot, because of agenda, qualify for Streamline Service must use the Signature Package.  These include organizations applying for as a School or Church. The application fee is paid directly to the U.S. Department of the Treasury at the time the application is submitted.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Absolutely.  In fact, we offer a 100%, money back guarantee!  We guarantee to obtain tax-exempt status for your organization, or we’ll refund 100% of what you paid.  We have worked with thousands of clients, including a Nobel Prize Winner, an internationally famous attorney, Olympic champions, MLB and NFL players, college professors, famous authors, Grammy winning artists and mostly committed and passionate people just like you. Many law firms and CPA’s hire us to complete their nonprofit applications.   Over the past 12 years, we have worked with some of the most challenging agendas and missions imaginable, including redeterminations of existing status and organizations operating in difficult, OFAC sanctioned countries.  Of course, if you are trying to do something that is illegal under federal law, against public policy or attempting to evade taxes  – we won’t work with you.
Can I do this on my own?
Theoretically, yes.  Like just about anything in life today, you can find all of the answers online.   There are 2 questions to ask yourself:  Are you absolutely certain you can form a corporation and answer the application questions and IRS inquiries correctly?  After all, we’re talking about the IRS and this is serious business.  The second question to consider is:  What is your time worth?  Successful business owners and entrepreneurs know what their time is worth and the power of leverage.   Leverage is focusing on one’s strengths and hiring experts for what you don’t know or for things that will take too much time to figure out or could go terribly wrong if done incorrectly.   Half of all our business is from attorneys and CPA’s, very smart and educated people who could, if they wanted to, figure this process out.  The problem is most attorneys and CPAs have never done this process.  They realize it is more cost effective (and better for their clients) to simply hire experts to do the work for them.   Our mission is to do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on your charitable mission.

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