What Our Clients Say About Us

Project Hygiene Inc. is officially an IRS approved, 501c3 nonprofit.  Thank you Mark & Tricia Del Guercio and Non Profit Advisor Group, Inc. for guiding us through the process!!! We’re so excited!!!

Anshia Tull

Founder, Project Hygiene, Inc.

Undoubtedly, no task involving Cuba is going to be an easy one, plus english as a second language only made it almost impossible for me. I was beginning to feel very discouraged, but then, thank God I found the Non Profit Advisor Group. Since I first opened their website and read about Tricia and Mark’s work, I had a glimpse of hope that literally brought tears to my eyes. I decided to contact them and they embraced and cared for my vision. I could even relax as they patiently and professionally did on my behalf what there was no way I could have done on my own. Despite we are located at completely opposite sides of the country, their service was in such a timely, personalized, and outstanding manner that it made me feel like they were always right next door. Although I did brace myself for some real difficulties in the process, including exchanging innumerable letters with the IRS back and forth, I was certainly not prepared to receive, only one second letter that said “you have been approved”. I said to Tricia: Wait…What??? Really??? Well, yes, it was simply unbelievable!! They did it for our organization and they can do it for yours. Dear Tricia and Mark, I am so touched by you and thankful beyond words. You are God-sent and He does not make mistakes. His hands are behind the work you do. I know since you have truly helped me to move a step closer to fulfilling my life purpose. Thanks to your care, knowledge and efforts, now hope is on the way for many cuban families that are praying for their miracle. Even though we officially have our 501c3 status, I continue to look forward to work with you and the really awesome team of Non Profit Advisor Group, because…The best is yet to come! Love you all!

Margis Adan

Founder, Hope 4 Cuba, Inc.

I got my 501 (c) status!!!!  YAH!!!!!  Wonderful!  Thank you so much, you guys are awesome!!  Thank you for all your help!

Coach Michelle

Director, Pacific Youth Sports

Getting 501c3 non profit status was a crucial step to transforming our non-profit from a dream into a reality.  Non Profit Advisor was patient when needed, persistent when necessary, and efficient beyond compare. We expected the process to take at least 6 months… we were a qualified 501c3 two months after getting Tricia our paperwork! We are now a thriving non-profit serving education through outdoor adventure, come check us out!

Joe Szalkiewicz

Founder, Peak Boy, Inc.

I hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to let you know that we got good news from the IRS.  Thank you so much for everything, you are phenomenal.

Wole & Folake Soyinka

Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka Foundation

When we started looking at applying for our 501c3 status, we were completely overwhelmed and stressed out. How were we supposed to manage all of our projects AND navigate the 50c13 application process at the same time? When we started working with Non Profit Advisor Group, they helped us to realize the process was not as scary as it seemed and walked us through the application process step-by-step. Even after we submitted our application, the Non Profit Advisor group continued to keep us updated on our status. We were not prepared for it to take so long for the IRS to get back to us on our application but Non Profit Advisor group continued to call the IRS on our behalf to ensure our application was being processed. We loved working with Non Profit Advisor Group and I would recommend their services to all NGOs that are just starting up!

Evelyn Castle & Adam Thompson

Founders, E Health Africa

For many years, I have had a desire to help others. For many years, I have helped others, then I had a vision to start a Non Profit. How do you do that? Who can help me? What if I’m not successful, fear sat in and for a time I had a dream but I had no hope…..

Then, I met Tricia and Mark Del Guercio. Not only did they walk me through setting up my Non Profit, they walked WITH me every step of the way. I feel as if we are not only old friends, but best of friends. I trust them, they have integrity and character. They will do what they say they can do. Mark, Tricia, – Women Empowered Cross N Paths want to thank you from the depths of our heart for helping us see our dream in living color. Finding Non Profit Advisors was a match made in HEAVEN! God bless you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Barbara Dean Franklin

President, Women Empowered Cross N Paths

Tricia and Mark at Non Profit Advisor Group were very attentive and responsive during the process of getting 501c(3) status for the Reuse Everything Institute, Inc. (REII). We are grateful for their perseverance and guidance helping through this process. I highly recommend their service.

David Saiia

Co-Founder, Reuse Everything Institute, Inc.

Non Profit Advisor Group made my process very easy. What I was most impressed with was the constant communication. I received several follow up calls and emails nearly every two weeks.  Being new to this entire process, I really appreciated that. There were no uncertainties on the paper work. I knew what to expect. Tricia walked me through every detail of the paperwork very carefully.

I would recommend anyone in need of a 501c3 status to Non Profit Advisor Group!

Grace O. Dada

Founder - President, Serenity Psalms 147

Hi Tricia, we just got the news that our 501c3 status was approved.  Thank you for all your help!

Saukok Chu Tiampo

Founder, SeeFood Media Foundation

I would recommend the Non Profit Advisor Group to anyone who wishes to have the support of a first class company that truly knows what is necessary to get through the process.  Anyone who wants to have the support of a company that treats your vision with respect and consideration.

What I thought was a simple process when I began my nonprofit quickly became so much more.   The IRS requirements and the state requirements each different and having to be handled in specific ways.  The knowledge that this group has is priceless to creating peace of mind.  I am so thankful for all they have done.


Founder, Serenity

Obtaining a 501(c)(3) has been an amazing process! I learned a lot of information while working with Tricia. Although, completing this task can be tedious, working with the Non Profit Advisor Group will make this tedious process “doable.” I received support, knowledge, and professionalism, which kept the momentum going in receiving this tax-exempt status. Please know that I truly appreciate you Tricia, many blessings!

Elbonie Metcalf, Ph.d.

President, Broken With Purpose Ministry

Wonderful!  I love how fast you work.

Markus Rogan

4 Time Olympian, Tesfaye - My Hope

Thank you for the help and assistance.  Your organization provides valuable motivation to potential nonprofit when it is needed most.  We look forward to our continued relationship with Non Profit Advisors.

Jacqueline C. Smith

President / CEO, Transitions for Recovery & Re-entry Program, Inc.

I want to thank you, thank you, thank you for the assistance you so freely gave me in establishing my 501c3.  It is something I have wanted for so long, and you made it happen very smoothly and effortlessly on my part.  Once I placed the task in your hands, I realized from your correspondence with me that you knew exactly what you were about and that you really had my interests at heart.

Louise Hayes, Ph.D.

Founder, Neurological Enhancement Possibilities, Inc.

I got the letter stating I have been approved!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for everything.

Simeon Costa

Founder, Life Studies Ministry, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Tricia when working with my group, the Des Moines Derby Dames, to establish our non-profit status. Tricia did a great job, was on top of everything and kept me in the loop with the progress of our application. We recently were awarded our 501c (3) status and could not have done it without Tricia and the Non Profit Advisory Group! I would recommend Tricia and the company to anyone looking for a seamless and painless process of pursuing a non-profit status!

Malay Bouaphakeo

Team Captain, Des Moines Derby Dames, Inc.

Just wanted to let you know I received our tax-exempt letter for Strada Corsa, Inc. yesterday in the mail. Thank you for all your support through this process!

Jim Cochran

President, Strada Corsa, Inc.

Even after we heard so many horror stories about obtaining 501C3 tax exemption, we decided that we would try to do it on our own any way. We downloaded the form from the IRS site and it was roughly 35 pages. Upon closer examination we had to provide information that we weren’t sure about and decided to just hire a professional so that there would be no doubts whether everything was being done legally. That’s the best decision our ministry ever made.
Non Profit Advisor Group has been like our best friend through this whole process. Our advisor Tricia Del Guercio has been awesome!!! She explained step by step what was expected from us and what to expect from them. She even went a step further and informed us of the setbacks to expect from the IRS. We had a bump up and missed an IRS deadline and our advisor engaged whoever was necessary to get us back on track. She’s been interactive on our website and Facebook page which impressed us a lot. It means that our vision and ministry is not just another company project.
We finally did it! Doers of the Word Ministries is now 501C3 tax exempt thanks to Non Profit Advisor Group. Nothing can describe the feeling of joy to go to the mailbox and see in black and white what took months of hard work and dedication to achieve. To be honest I had to hold back the tears. From the bottom of my heart I want to sincerely say thank you Tricia for treating our ministry as if it was your own.
Pastor Kevin Shelton

Founder, Doers of the Word Ministries

Don’t stop here, we’re just getting started!

We didn’t really know the process or really even where to start. Non Profit Advisor Group added value from the very beginning by helping us frame the process, organize the documents, prepare the multi-year budget, draft a cover letter and counsel us on the approach of our programs. They continued to add value as we navigated the process by interpreting the IRS letters and providing guidance essential in drafting a timely response, which ultimately ended with an approval letter.

We would recommend Non Profit Advisor Group because they will ultimately save you time (and money) while ensuring a better outcome and allowing you to focus on the equally important business of running your nonprofit. They help companies file every day and have a good sense of what is needed for a successful 1023 application filing.

Given we didn’t know what to expect, it was comforting to have Non Profit Advisor Group guide us through the process and prepare us for how long it would take and what to expect in response to our filing. I cannot imagine having addressed the questions without their input. They seemed to know what to expect at every turn and to how draft a response that would answer the question that was being asked, which was not always clear.

Joe Farris

Founder, Digital Health Coalition,Inc.

Wow!!!  Where do we start?  When we first decided to do a non-profit to meet unmet and under-funded needs to many of the clients we serve in the community, we knew we had no time and expertise to learn and start the process.  We are so very glad we made the decision to use Tricia and the Non Profit Advisor Group.  They made it very easy and walked us through every step of the way.  They were available for questions and concerns and stayed in regular contact with us throughout the long process.  It took longer than all of us thought it would, but Tricia kept reassuring us that the IRS was just way behind.

If we had done this on our own, it would have been very stressful not knowing the status month after month. Tricia kept telling us that it would happen soon, and it did, without any further delays or questions from the IRS.  We now have our 501(c)(3) status.  Thank you so much, Tricia and the Non Profit Advisor Group.  You have been a blessing.

Tony & Patty Ritter

Founders, Starbright Foundation

The Non Profit Advisor Group is PHENOMENAL. They are real experts. They walked me through the process from the beginning to end. They were always available to answer questions, They accurately explained every step of the process to me so I knew what to expect and even kept me encouraged during the waiting period. If not for them, my dream would never have come true.
I would recommend the Non Profit Advisor Group because they know what they are doing. They are professionals with high integrity. They made me feel that my nonprofit really mattered … I have nothing but love and respect for the Non Profit Advisor Group.
Kim Bradley

Founder, Kordero Hunter M.V.P. Foundation

My experience in getting my corporation set up and then acquiring the non-profit status was “Zero”!!  I was intimidated by the whole process and friends who had struggled through the process themselves kept telling me of their own horror stories!
 I knew of others who took 1-1/2 years, letters to/from the IRS and lawyer fees to finally get approved for their 501-C3 status.  As you can imagine I was NOT looking forward to the process myself!!
When I heard about Non Profit Advisors, I must admit I was skeptical, but then again, I didn’t want to face this daunting and challenging process by my lonesome!  So, I decided to get this team on my side…
I simply gave them the basic information they needed and left the entire thing in their hands.  I was led by the hand and kept well-informed… and then, imagine my SURPRISE when I had my submission approved by the IRS in less than 6-months!! I am thoroughly delighted in the work Non Profit Advisors did for me… and if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing!

They know what to do – and they did it right!!

Dr. Gerald Robinson

President, Cat n Dog Theology, Inc.

We received the notification letter saying we are approved!  WOW!!! WE DID IT!!!!  A million THANK YOUs!!!!  Seriously, thank you so very much. We couldn’t have done it without your guidance and hard work!!!

Henry Swihart

President, Life Long Learning Center 2, Inc.

Tricia, I wanted to thank you so much for all your help. It was so smooth and easy. A huge burden off our shoulders. Thank you and God Bless.

Barbara De Voll

Co-Founder, Caitlin's Cancer Fight

I am really glad that I hired you to help me do things that I am not familiar with.  If I didn’t know better I would think that you were very, very old with your wisdom.   Thanks, again.

Katharine Koehler

Executive Director, Room In Our Hearts, Inc.

Having found Tricia was the best thing that has happened to me in this long and difficult process. Receiving approval for our Non-Profit organization was completely in Tricia’s hands. She handled every concern I had with great respect and knowledge keeping me apprised of situations along the journey. To do this without her is something I would never recommend!

Tricia I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support, listening, and understanding. You believed in me which made me believe in you. I will take what you have given me, and taught me to the students we influence and made a difference in their lives and futures. Thank you again for giving me the path to fulfill my dreams.

Andrew J. Myers

Founder, Patriot 500 Racing

Thank you, Non Profit Advisor Group for your professionalism and cool-headed interactions when you could feel the hysteria through the phone. The 501C3 is such an essential part of our non-profit status, it was a blessing to work with a corporation that minded every detail, explained everything in painstaking detail, and respected me not only as a client but as an organization determined to make a difference for the families I am honored to serve. Kudos to us both!!!

Connie Grier

President, Respect Alliance

The process of acquiring a Non Profit status for a company can be very tedious and lengthy.  With the help provided by the Non Profit Advisor Group, our status was completed in minimum time.

A special “Thank You” to Tricia Del Guercio for guiding and monitoring my efforts through the process in a professional and cheerful manner, resulting in the completion of our Non Profit and Tax Exempt status.  I highly recommend the professional and courteous services of Non Profit Advisor Group.

Jesse Jones

Vice President, Pacific Southwest Judo Association

This is my BIG happy face and grateful smile Tricia !!!!  Thank you for your professionalism, willingness to help and kind encouragement.

Deirdre M. Cimino, M.S.

Founder, Studio Prep, Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Mark for standing with me from day one.  If it was not for you guys, I would not be where I am today.  Just wanted to let you know that the 501c was approved by the IRS!

Pauline Mukozho

Founder, Vana Vedu

Thank you, Tricia!  I really appreciate all you have done for me, it’s been great knowing that you were there navigating me through the whole process and I’m thrilled that we were approved.

Theresa Kim

Founder, Sun K. Music Programs, Inc.

There is more love to share, keep going…

With absolutely no experience in the non-profit realm, Liberty War Bird Association (LWA) had no idea about how to get started, or what was necessary for success. The assistance provided by the Non Profit Advisor Group was invaluable in helping us reach our goal of receiving tax-exempt status for our 501(c).  They stepped us through the process and were there to answer any questions we had.   LWA can recommend these folks without reservations.

Jim Haga

Founder, Liberty War Bird Association

I was skeptical when I learned that there was an organization that could assist us in filing for and receiving our non-profit (501c3) status.  I expected that we would have to hire attorneys and pay out huge sums of monies and then that it would take us at least a year or two to complete and receive notice from the Internal Revenue Service.  I have been pleasantly surprised.

We began working with Non Profit Advisor Group about six months ago and I am proud to say that we received our status notification this last week.  The advisors were professional and made the process easy and painless and were available to answer questions either by phone or email.  They provided examples of documents that needed to be completed as well as a worksheet that covered every facet of the process.

I highly recommend Non Profit Advisor Group and its services to businesses of every size.   The cost is minimal in comparison to the services and results.

Leslie B. Coggin

CEO, Chronic Intractable Pain and You, Inc.

I received a letter… we were approved for tax exempt status!!!! Thank you for your dedicated work and the update regarding the filing process of our application.  Thanks so much!!!

Joyce Taylor

Treasurer, Marble Hill 225 Reunion

From the first contact I had with Tricia Del Guercio , of Non Profit Advisor Group, I have felt that personal care for our work. Every step of the way the past few months, Tricia has walked with us, giving us advice and feedback, until we successfully completed the process.  If I was giving Non-Profit Advisor Group a grade, it would be A+++++++++++++++++++.  No one does it better or with more care and compassion.

Fr. River Damien Sims, M. Div.,D.S.T.

Director, Temenos Catholic Worker, Inc.

On behalf of R.O.O.T.S., Inc., we would like to thank you for your patience and support.

Joann Frasier Dasent

President / CEO, Regenerating Our Offspring Through Stories, Inc.

I feel very blessed to have worked with Tricia at Non Profit Advisors.  She helped our non-profit receive our 501(c)(3) in “no-time”.  Tricia was very personable and a pleasure to work with.  Thanks again for all of your help.

Stephanie Seimovich

Founder, Apollo Music Institute, Inc.

I began work with Non Profit Advisor Group to obtain a 501(c)(3) for my new non-profit organization.  Being an artist, I knew that I was not knowledgeable about the legal and technical aspects of entering what I had heard was often a complicated and difficult process.  However, my contact at Prosperity Advisors was extremely well organized, reassuring and on the ball when it came to communications.  With her help, we were able to receive our tax-exempt status in only a few short months!  I couldn’t recommend their services any more highly.

Blake Ragghianti

Founder, Ovrearts, Inc.

Hey Tricia, it’s official I received my letter today!  I’m a 501c nonprofit.  Thanks for being SO awesome and helpful.  Have a wonderful day!

Heidi Hylkema

Founder, Rebel Souls Rescue

Yesss!!!!!!!  Thank you very much !!!! God bless.

Rev. Carlos R. Evans, SGT. USMC RET

Founder, C.R. Evans Ministries

 Hi Tricia! I saw it yesterday!! Thank you so much for supporting us and promoting our foundation- we couldn’t have done it without you!! We are so grateful that you helped us achieve our dream of starting a non profit organization to help others who are in a situation that we know all too well. On a side note, it gives us a reason to say Dillon’s name everyday. Thank you again for all your help and support along the way! You have been extremely instrumental and helped us out more than we can even say!


Billy & Nikki Rances

Founders, Dillon Delivers Love


True to their word, The Nonprofit Advisor Group set up the Rockit Live Foundation and we were an approved 501c3 nonprofit in less than four months. Always there to answer questions via email or phone calls, they helped me in my mission to help change the lives of young musicians.  Thank you, Mark & Tricia.




Bruce Gallipani

Founder & President, Rockit Live Foundation

That’s not all, folks…keep going

Incredible!  Thrilled!  Well done!

Russ W. Rosenzweig

Founder, World Ventures Group

Thank you so much Tricia and Mark.  We are grateful for your expertise and professional experience to turn our dream into a reality.  God bless you, we greatly appreciate you and your staff.

Nancy Caralla

President, CDiff Foundation

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your diligent support throughout the process of filing our paperwork with the IRS.  This morning, I received the official letter stating that Acacia Lodge No. 166 has been approved to be exempt from Federal Income Tax.   Again, thank you for the great guidance and services provided.  Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Garfield Lewis

Secretary, Acacia Lodge No. 166

YES!!! We are all legal we got the 501c3!!! ya!!!  Thanks for all your help you were wonderful!!!  Blessings & :)’s

Laurie Condurso-Lane

Executive Director, Second Call Thoroughbred Adoption and Placement, Inc.

First and for most I would like to thank the staff of Non-Profit Advisor Group for your consummate support throughout what has been a long process.  During the process of developing our non-profit and the application for tax free status 501-3-c you went above and beyond the call of duty insuring my staff and me of the rigorous but survivable feat. I think I would have lost hope had it not been for your constant and available communication  via emails and personal calls. Please let the staff know I will not hesitate to recommend your organization to anyone who is serious about staring up a non-profit or incorporating in the state. From the staff and myself at IPCC International Peace & Conflict Center God Bless You!!!

Anthony Prysock

President, International Peace & Conflict Center

Thank you for all the teaching and motivating to get me going on my Non-Profit!!  I have had 35 years of For Profit that I had either merged or acquired companies (27) successfully. I guess I was spoiled because Non Profit was nothing like it and extremely tense on me.  I felt like a college person that just got a diploma and didn’t know what to do with it.  Someone directed me to Tricia at the Non Profit Advisor Group and I felt like I was taking my MBA. Tricia, with your optimism, motivation, energy, experience, empathy, and good ole FUN, you treated me as if I knew what I was doing.  You helped me along and guided me into the throws of IRS.

One day around February 18th, Tricia emailed me and stated Congratulations!! I was very surprised!!! I resigned from the consulting job to make my Non-Profit Company an inspiration and successful.

By the way, Tricia, thanks again on answering my questions timely.  I know you are my vision with your inspiration and enthusiasm.

Roy Case, III

President, The Behavioral Leadership Institute of the Americas

I thank you tremendously.  I DEFINITELY needed your company.  I am so glad you have helped me.

Michael Anderson

CEO, Fethadezz Incorporated

Thank you! I was getting very discouraged not hearing from the IRS regarding my non-profit status. Your service has renewed my hope! Now I feel I have experienced, qualified,and knowledgeable support during the final process of IRS approval. Tricia is not only a knowledgeable professional, she is also very personable. I highly recommend the Non-Profit Advisor Group!

Anna Mae English

Founder, Spectrum of the Arts Foundation

In the early spring of 2013 we began our association with the Non Profit Advisor Group and soon became aware of their professionalism and devotion to our project and cause.   Ms. Miller has expressed to me on many occasions of the dedication and thoroughness in which Tricia Del Guercio involved herself into securing our 501(c)(3) in a timely manor.  The Non Profit Advisor Group is a leader in their field and I feel comfortable in recommending their services to everyone.

Robert L. Miller

CEO and President, Black American History, Inc.

Thanks for all your efforts.  I know this was not an easy one and I appreciate your persistence and I will be sure to recommend your services to others.

Tony Huff

Founder, Godworks

Thank you so much I really appreciate everything you have done to assist me with successfully getting both federal and state tax exempt status for our The 12 Step Desert Charities, Inc. non profit organization.

Randy Walls

President, 12 Step Desert Charities, Inc.

Thank you so much Tricia, I appreciate you so much and everything you did to assist us. God Bless you.

Pastor Sunday Oladele

Lead Pastor, The Sword of the Spirit Ministries International

I’m writing to let you know I received the letter from the IRS today.  We are all set!  Thanks for all you did!

Linda Salmon

Secretary, Ice Football, Inc.

Dear Tricia,  I can finally send you a  copy of the letter of approval. Despite the delay, I am positive it had nothing to do with you.  The main thing is that it is finally approved without any more questions, so really thanks for everything.

Yehoshua Privalsky

Founder, Congregation of Pine River Village, Inc.

Thank you always for your support, time, and effort you already did for us. We appreciate very much what you did for us.  We are more than grateful, Thanks!!

Dunia Gutierrez

Executive Board Member, Change 4 Kids, Inc.

Thank you, for your excellence in your work etiquette and result driven professionalism. From the start you made this process easier with your patience and resourcefulness.

I wanted to express my gratitude to Non Profit Advisor Group, Inc. and to the face of your institution, which is in this case, Tricia Del Guercio, whom has been superb in representing your firm…. As previously stated, Tricia has been great, particularly during the difficult stages of our 501c3 filing,  Mrs. Del Guercio has ALWAYS been courteous, professional and with Excellent Customer Service.

I will certainly recommend your firm, and how you made this filing process with minimum stress.

With much appreciation,

Caroll O. Carreno

Founder, Godsland, Inc.

First off, I just want to say thank you for making this such an easy and smooth process.  I really was not sure what I was in for in applying for our nonprofit.  From your first phone call to your last you always made me feel comfortable and explained every process step by step.  I can tell you this we at Depaul Spartans Diamond Club will definitely recommend you and the Non Profit Advisor Group to everyone that we know.  This was really a great experience and I wish you all the best.

Jim Whelan

President, Depaul Spartans Diamond Club

Tricia, I have not slept a lot in the past week because of the natural high that I am on!  Thank you so much.  I so enjoyed working with you Tricia. You made the procedure of going through the ropes of becoming a non profit painless! I hope that you will continue to be a part of CIPAY and watch us grow even more!

Dr. Patty Verdugo

President, Chronic Intractable Pain and You, Inc.

I would like to thank you for being on top of everything and extremely professional. It was a pleasure to work with you and your company. The process was extremely smooth and I would definitely recommend Non Profit Adviser Group to anyone!!

Arash Akhavan

Founder, Consumer Energy Advocates, Inc.

Tricia is great.  I cannot think of any friendlier, quicker or better firm to work with.  I highly recommend the Non Profit Advisor Group to anyone looking to work in the nonprofit field.

Martin Vasquez

President, Back to Work Foundation, Inc.

I enjoyed working with the non profit advisor.  I would recommend them to everyone, the advisor helps out alot and answers your questions.  They made dealing with the challenges very easy for me.

Ladale Jetton

President, Real Meds, Inc.

Awesome news. I just got in and got the letter saying that we have received tax exemption. You have done an excellent job in your presentation.  Thank you so much for your great work.

Donna Panton

President, Friends of KTHS, Inc.

Let me take a few minutes to thank you in advance for taking your free time to put this paperwork together I’m very appreciative of your dedication, time, effort, and all the energy you have put into this project thank you and God Bless You dearly.

You will be honored and pleased to know that we are now officially TAX EXEMPT thanks to God Almighty and your expertise. Thank you; it has been an honor to have you aboard.  I’m very impressed…

Marisol Feliciano

Founder, Rivera & Rivera Act Against Forclosure, Inc.

“Non Profit Advisors” expertise, inspired guidance, resources and patience in the preparation of the extensive application for the 501C3 tax exempt status, was absolutely invaluable for the “National Academy of Music Association”. You made this involved and sometimes daunting process a pleasure, answered dozens of questions and helped put the whole package together. I cannot recommend your company highly enough!

Anyone with a vision and mission to improve the world through a non-profit organization, would benefit greatly from your experience and understanding of the process involved in preparing for the 501C3 status and in developing their non-profit organization’s dream.

Susan Fischer

Founder, National Academy of Music Association

We just wanted to thank you for everything you and Mark have done for us!  Mitch was shocked when I called him to tell him we were officially 501c3 tax-exempt.  We have taken our company from idea to a physical entity to tax-exempt in under 4 months.  We definitely could not have done this without you!  You guys are amazing and really make a difference in people’s lives.  We did receive our letter and will be hanging it in the office this weekend!  Thank you for everything and we’ll talk soon! 🙂

Christina Lynne

Founder, Smith Lynne Charities

We’re not done yet…

Dear Tricia, Thank you very much for the wonderful news.  We do highly appreciate your assistance. It has been a real pleasure for us to work with you and your organization all these years. Our requests have been always answered and we are always glad to cooperate with you. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you again in the future!

Natalia Kalinina

Founder, American David Livingstone University of Florida

Great news indeed.  We were anxiously waiting to hear that CBG Foundation got the 501c3 determination letter.  Thanks for your professional help in a very cordial manner during this process of getting the determination.  You did it very thoroughly!!

Bhagubhai Patel

President, CBG Foundation for Humanity and Education

I would just like to thank you for obtaining our 501(c) (3) as church. Although the IRS had shut down during this period you stayed persistent and kept me informed along the way.  What I really like was your ability to explain the process with me. I was put out of school in 8th grade received a GED in prison so I have limited education but you explained things in such a way that I could totally comprehend.

Brother Bryon

Founder, Grace and Mercy Ministries

I am feeling ecstatic!  It was amazing how fast it was!  Spirit / Love at work!  You were a HUGE part of this link for Spirit moving!  Love, Marj

Dr. Marj Britt

Founder, Called by Love Institute

Big thank you to Tricia Del Guercio for helping us achieve our 501c3 status.  Our mission is to provide music education to low to moderate income families in the Los Angeles area.  Now we can start fund raising for our youth orchestra.  Thank you!

Sara Chasse

Founder, Harp 4 All Music Conservatory Inc.

Wow, we did it!  I’m super excited about that!!!!!  Thanks for helping us through the process.

Lisa Parker

Founder, Wadell Parker Scholarship Fund

Thank you very much for all your good work and guidance to get this filing approved.  Your services are very much appreciated.

Hari Eppanapally

President, Lead India 20/20

Hi Tricia, it finally came through…I received a letter from the IRS stating that I was granted the 501c3, Thank You!!  You said it would happen and it did and you are forever in my prayers for many reasons buy mostly the confidence that you have knowing your field.

Elizabeth Dos Reis

Founder, Foundation for Dignity and Accountability, Inc.

We got our 501c3 determination letter today!  I also spoke with an IRS agent and she said she’s seen people have to wait much longer than we did.  Thank you so much for your help!  We really appreciate it.

Marjorie Liese

Operations Manager, Texture Contemporary Ballet

A special thank you to Tricia and Mark.  Switching careers in our 50’s was scary enough but to think my wife and I could start a nonprofit corporation to work with the autism community was overwhelming.  You not only helped us every step of the way, but you answered every phone call and email reassuring us this was going to happen.  We received our letter from the IRS…We can’t thank you enough!

Nick Malcuit

President, One Step for Austism, Inc.

I did significant research before selecting Mark and Tricia.  What I received was exceptional personal and professional assistance and recommend them highly.

Donald Gooch

Founder, Universal Upanishadic Fellowship

Dear Tricia, we can’t thank you enough for your unwavering support though our application for nonprofit status.  With your expertise, we are so proud to share that we now have 501c3 status!  We feel blessed to have connected with you – Non Profit Advisor Group – you have made a highly intense and time consuming process go smoothly!  We highly recommend your service and look forward to continuing our relationship.  The world is a better place because you are in it!  Many Blessings…

Rene Marie Adams

President, Rene Marie Language of Love Foundation


Catherine McKan

Founder, The Mason P. McKan Benevolence Fund, Inc.

YAY!!! Thank you Tricia…I didn’t even feel a thing!  I’m so excited to receive the letter of approval.  Thanks again.  Did I say Yay?  YAY!!!  Have a beautiful day.

Nikki Soukkala

Founder, Serving Life Ministry

It has been my great pleasure to have worked with Tricia and the Non-Profit Advisor Group. My dream to manage a public charity organization has become a reality because of their expert personal assistance every step through the process. It is my expectation of having a long lasting business relationship with Non-Profit Advisor Group and I would recommend them for their efficient care to details, knowledge base, educational tools, follow-up reporting, and for me always feeling that I had an A-1 team supporting my objective.

Rev. Clarence S. Brock

President, Tactical Educational Approaches to Character and Health, Inc.

I can not say enough positive things about the NPAG. Being a newcomer to the world of non profits I had many questions and few answers. My advisor (Tricia) walked me through every step of the complicated process in a professional yet friendly way. Now the GCF is an accredited 501c3 largely in part to her and the NPAG. I would recommend enlisting their services to anyone wanting to start a foundation or for any other business needs. We consider them a part of our extended family at the GCF and I consider them friends. They did a great job.

Giorgio Chinaglia Jr.

Executive Director, Giorgio Chinaglia Foundation

YEAH!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am so blessed to have you advocating for me, Tricia!  I can’t say enough about you!  Mahalo.

Cheryl J. Wilkinson

Founder & CEO, Transitional Assistance, Inc.

Our experience with Non Profit Advisor Group was exceptional.  Our staff received great attention, prompt follow-up and rapid turnaround without ever compromising excellent customer service.  Tricia and her team have provided us with all the information necessary for creating a non-for-profit foundation.  They were always available by phone for any queries we had along the way.  We whole heartedly recommend Tricia and her team!

Annie Jiang

Operations Manager, CPR 123 Foundation

I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for how professional, courteous and encouraging you were through out the entire process.

Alberta Morman

Founder, Beyond Extended Hands

You both are truly angels from above!!! Thank you sooo much!  We love you!!!

Monica and James Silvas

Founders, All American Youth Football League

I really appreciated working with the Non Profit Advisor Group (and with you specifically, Tricia!).   Navigating all this paperwork is a very daunting thing.  It was awesome to have you there to explain each and every line of the application and to be the ones to call the IRS and check up on the process.  All of this saved me precious time and from a lot of frustration!  Thank you so much!

Emily Gregori

Founder, Schambach Ministries

You made it possible!  Your devotion and perseverance and answering in detail, in advance, all that was necessary, made it possible for us.  Thank you very much!

Luis Carrasco

Director / CEO, Webitis Foundation

Non-Profit Advisors made my non-profit journey simple and stress free so that I could focus on my organization’s needs rather than all the 501c3 paperwork and communications with the IRS.  I literally filled out their easy-to-understand forms, signed a couple of papers, answered a couple emails and a few months later the Hinton Hope Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit.  Mark & Tricia were very accessible via phone, email and facebook.  Plus Tricia alleviated some stress by walking me through how easy it was to file taxes for my organization.  If you want a stress free, easy experience then go with Non-Profit Advisors.

Andy Rollyson

Executive Director, Hinton Hope Foundation, Inc.

Non Profit Advisor Group provided me with an accurate, well thought out blueprint on which to build a solid foundation.  They gave me a guarantee of success and they kept their word.  Before I even knew what to expect, NPAG gave me a clear, bird’s eye view of the path.  All I had to do was follow the plan.  In the end, there were no surprises because all had been so carefully explained in advance.

Rudy Gaskins

President, Society of Voice Arts and Sciences

Hi, Tricia – I can’t thank you enough for all your guidance, kindness and insight.

Dr. Denise Brown

President, Copays for Causes

Hi, Tricia – Look what came in the mail yesterday:-)  Thank you so much!!! I never expected it so soon!

Tawana Rutledge

President, College Makes Cents

Yeah! Thanks! Wonderful news!

Jeff Gill

Treasurer, Global Health Training Institute

I guess your perfect record is unbroken.  We received the 501c3 letter today.  Regards,

John Roy

Co-Founder, 1 Kid Corporation

I was first introduced to Tricia Del Guercio and Non Profit Advisors Group in April of 2012. I had a desire and vision to start a nonprofit organization (so many people had played key roles in my own recovery – I have a need to try and give back), that would cut across the conventional lines of the Alcoholic Recovery Community and include everyone who is a victim to the disease of alcoholism, this includes the alcoholic drinker, the spouse, the children, the siblings, parents, the list goes on.  Alcoholism takes no prisoners, everyone suffers.

I had no clue how to go about filing any correct forms or paperwork (I knew I needed help) to start such an organization. Tricia made things simple. She went the extra mile working with me while we both waited patiently for approval. In the beginning she explained a complicated application process that she made easy to understand. Once we got into the application, Tricia helped me formulate all the correct language needed on the government forms. She did this extra work without me asking because that is who she is as a businesswoman and as a woman with a passion, who truly cares about new Nonprofit Organizations with a mission getting their government approval.

After filing all the paperwork through Non Profit Advisor Group it was time to wait. I wanted approval on the first attempt as I knew it would be a longer waiting game if the organization was not approved, if additional information was needed. Months later after several calls and many emails from Tricia reminding me it takes time and to let her know as soon as I hear any news – a letter came saying my application for AlcoholicShare, Inc. 501©3 nonprofit status was being reviewed.

After waiting ninety days I called the IRS office hoping to speak with the woman assigned to my case. She answered the phone on the first ring. I introduced myself and asked if she had reviewed my file application. Her response was, “Yes, I just reviewed it last week and you have been approved. You will receive all documents in the next several weeks.” I said, “thank you.” My next move was to email and call Tricia to let her know we got approved on the first shot, no questions asked!

I want to say, “Thank You to Ms. Tricia Del Guercio and Non Profit Advisor Group, not only for the work you do but the way you do it.”

God Bless,

Thomas Gillis

President, AlcoholicShare

I would like to take this time to thank Tricia Del Guercio and Non Profit Advisor Group for working so hard and holding my hand through the process of obtaining my company’s 501(c)(3).  I appreciate the way your company kept the communication door open for me and was able to satisfy all of my questions.  There are so many companies that make promises that they do not keep, but I’m proud to say I am more than impressed with the work you have done for me and my company.  Ms. Del Guercio, you are a god send and I especially want to thank you.  I highly recommend Non Profit Advisor Group.  Keep up the good work, look forward to doing more with you in the future.

William Drake

President, The Drake Foundation

I just received the IRS letter as being accepted for exemption!!!!! My god, this is so awesome!   Thank you so much for your help.

Verenice Castillo

Founder & President, Military Spouse Advocacy Network

Working with the Non Profit Advisor Group made the process easier by simplifying things for me. It has been a great pleasure working with this group in ensuring that I have the resources, information, and tools ready to kick start my organization. The process was simplify for me and I am glad to have a mentor like Tricia for being there for me throughout. I would have no doubts to recommend this group. They have the expertise and patience to work with anyone and at any level of the process. Going into the process, I was not prepared for the amount of information needed to get the paper work started. The Non Profit Advisor Group was there to communicate with me, helped me fill out the application and made the process faster and effective for me. I would like to thank all of its members for contributing to make my organization a success. Like I mentioned earlier, I would not hesitate to refer people to this group. In fact, if I hear anyone planning to start a Non Profit, I will send them directly to the Non Profit Advisor Group, as it is my number trusted group in the industry.

Ismail Musa

Founder & President, Orphan Transition Empowerment Program

Yes, I received the official letter.  It came at approximately Christmas Eve.  Thank you very much and I’m very pleased.  If you all need any promotional advertising just reach out to me I would be glad to assist.

Donald Anderson

Founder & President, Operation Feed 5000

Tricia, I am now in receipt of both tax exempt letters. Thank you ever so much for your diligence in shepherding two applications through for us. We are eternally grateful to you. I shall probably be sending some more business your way of people who ask me how did I get my 501 c 3 approved so fast.  Peace & Joy !

Clinton McNair

Founder, Awes International Foundation

Hello Tricia,  I just got the letter today! We are approved! Bless the name of Jesus!!! Thank you so much!!!!  I really appreciate you and your husband and the work you do!!!!!  Thank You Forever !

Jamelia Pullen

President, Amor Foundation

Tricia,  You are the best.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Syl Tauala

Founder, Faatassi Youth Foundation

Hi Tricia,  Just basking in God’s glory.  I received the approval from the IRS yesterday.  Thanks for staying on top of things!

Barbara Matthews

Founder, Reality Missions Ministry

EXCELLENT.  Thank you, Tricia.

William Pentland

Founder, Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative

Hello Tricia!  When researching the steps to start a non-profit, the process became quite daunting – but after finding Tricia,  I am now knowledgeable and an operating charitable organization! She made the process easy and enjoyable… I couldn’t wait to see her emails in my inbox.  I have a few friends in the beginning stages of their charities that I will be sending her way!

Tamika Harris

President & Founder, Doted Lines, Inc.

Tricia and Mark, I’m humbled by the level of professionalism and integrity that you and your team have. And I know that didn’t come over night.  I believe that you have carefully hand picked your team members, in so much that you go out of your way to make sure that they have the same integrity, as they represent you and the company to the many clients you have and the thousands they will be coming.  I feel that the foundation that God instructed me to put up under T.L. Lewis Ministries, could have not been achieved this quickly had I not brought the Non Profit Advisor Group on board headed up by Tricia and Mark. I even had some say its not possible, or that I didn’t need this. The way that my vision was respected and how the vision of my ministry was treated with integrity, I’m forever grateful. { I highly recommend the Non Profit Advisor Group, Inc. } with Tricia and Mark’s team to any Ministry that God has called to step up to bring hope and to serve your fellow man. The Non Profit Advisor Group is the vehicle you need to jump start your Ministry or Business. Thank you so much for making T.L. Lewis Ministry a reality.  Your friend Sr. Pastor and Evangelist Timothy L. Lewis

Pastor Timothy Lewis

Founder, T.L. Lewis Ministry

Hi Tricia, Great news; Whoop, Whoop!  I received a letter from IRS that says, “We’re pleased to tell you we determined you’re exempt from federal income tax under IRC Section 501 (c) (3).”!! Effective date of the exemption is September 16,  2014.  Thanks so much for all your great help!  Cheers !

Eric van Gestel

President & Founder, Not Just Pink

Yes!  I just received the letter today from the IRS approving our not for profit status!  Yahoo!!!  Thank you so much for all your help!!

Maria Bachman

Founder, New York Friends of Chamber Music, Inc.

I want to thank you and your wife for all the help I received from the both of you.  Thank you for your commitment, timeliness, and for displaying such great integrity.  I will definitely make sure I refer everyone I know to your company.  Thanks again for helping to make Daughters of Vision Mentoring, Inc. a nonprofit organization.

Alina Branscombe

President & Founder, Daughters of Vision Mentoring, Inc.

Wow, I received the confirmation from the IRS.  That was so fast.  We are indebted to you.  Thank you so much.

Dr. Ken Odiwe

Founder / CEO, People's Club Nigeria International

Great news!  Got a letter today saying we are approved for our 501(c)(3) status!  Thank you so much for getting this taken care of so quickly!  Thank you again so much!  Amazing turnaround!

Carmilo Buchanan

Founder , The Real Movement

Dear Tricia,   Thank you for guiding us through this process.  Thank you also for the kind remarks, as we really do want to bless others and to share both the Word and the Love of God.  Faithfully, Bishop Millsaps.

Bishop William Millsaps

Pastor, The Episcopal Missionary Church, Inc.

I am so thankful getting the professional help from Tricia, and the Non Profit Advisor Group. Tricia was so helpful and made the process that seemed to be overwhelming to making it possible, in a matter of months.  The process started toward the end of January and was able to get my tax exempt status within three months.  During the time transition,  that is  waiting period,  Tricia, counseled  me at least three times out of the week, even on Saturdays!  She was instrumental in making sure that I described what I wanted, and what I wanted my  organization to do,.  The work was done for me… I was so amazed! I was also able to enroll in a webinar to keep me informed as to how to get assistance with donations.  I would highly recommend anyone who would consider getting a non-profit organization with tax exempt status to contact Tricia, and her Non-Profit Advisor Group for assistance.   What a  POWER team!!

Trina Holmes

Founder, Abundant Kids Academy Learning Center, Inc.

I am sending you an email thanking you for your great efforts on getting the USFLN, Inc. 501(c)3 status.  Thank you for the great work and best wishes.

Tim Cornelius

Academic Entrepreneur, U.S. Fab Lab, Inc.

Good Morning, Tricia – It is wonderful news and I’m extremely excited to have received the approval so soon. I was not expecting it until later in the year. Thank you to you and Mark and the Non Profit Advisors team for making this happen for me. Very excited to get this venture rolling!

Keith Harding


Thank you for everything, Tricia to you and to Mark for helping us, we are happy for the news for the church and I’ll recommend new clients.  Thank you, again.

Victor Cruz